Teaching Profile

Courses Taught

University of Calgary

Graduate Level

EDER 600 Research Methodology in Education
EDER 604 Collaboratory of Practice
EDER 602 Program Evaluation and Practice
EDER 689.83 Teaching Mathematics
EDER 669.27 Applied Linguistics for Teachers
EDER 669.20 Evaluating and Designing EAL Curricula
EDER 669.50 Language Teaching Methods
EDER 669.73 Language Teaching & Technology
EDER 669.51 ESL Materials Development


EDUC 211 Academic Writing in Education (Online course)
EDUC 456 Assessment
EDUC 535 Specialization II (Language learning)

Undergraduate – Pathways to Business Studies Courses

IFPB 201 Language Enrichment for Economics 201
IFPB 203 Language Enrichment for Economics 203
IFPB 217 Language Enrichment for Management Studies 217 (Online Course)
IFPB 231 Fundamental Academic Communication
IFPX 230 Foundational Academic Reading and Writing for Business Studies
IFPX 235 Foundational Academic Speaking and listening for Business Studies
IFPX 332 Advanced Academic English for Business Studies

Undergraduate – Pathways to Engineering Studies Courses

IFPX 257 Introduction to Academic Oral Communication Skills for Engineering
IFPX 357 Advanced Academic Oral Communication Skills
IFPX 451 Introduction to Academic Written Communication
IFPX 455 Introduction to Academic Oral Communication

Undergraduate – English for Academic Purposes Courses

IFPX 280 Academic Writing & Grammar II
IFPX 283 Reading Comprehension & Proficiency II
IFPX 287 Listening Comprehension & Oral Fluency II
IFPX 297 Listening Comprehension & Oral Fluency III